The Mycroft & John had a plan to take Mary down and Sherlock was being kept in the dark for his own safety theory is my aesthetic 

#this would explain why the interactions between john and sherlock seemed so authentic #and why the killing of magnussen and subsequent consequences for sherlock seemed so authentically unexpected by everyone #OH GOD AND THE PAIN OF KNOWING THAT (IF THIS IS CORRECT) JOHN NEVER MEANT FOR MARY TO BE PROTECTED AND BECAUSE HE DIDN’T PROPERLY UNDERSTAND SHERLOCK’S LOVE FOR HIM DIDN’T PROPERLY PREPARE FOR WHAT SHERLOCK WOULD DO #and that fits like… literally… exactly in with john’s physical/facial reactions to sherlock killing magnussen #so this happened really because john underestimated sherlock’s love for him #which is a perfect setup for the 3 garridebs moment when john finally does understand

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we are always under the same sky

we are always under the same sky

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Mist and Morning by Shen Yuan Hsieh

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Never ask again why we fancy this man.

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